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"Don't underestimate yourself.  You're more capable than you think."

Roger Federer

Dynamic Warm-Up and Flexibility

Dynamic warm-up and flexibility training is an essential element of any pre-practice or pre-competition routine and helps prepare the body for the demands of today’s tennis game. An effective warm-up does five very important things for tennis players:


  1. Increases body temperature allowing muscles to work more efficiently.

  2. Gets the heart and lungs ready for vigorous activity.

  3. Stretches muscles actively, preparing them for the force's experiences during tennis.

  4. Ingrains proper movement patterns and the coordination needed in tennis.

  5. Wakes up the nervous system and gets the brain talking with the muscles.

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(Recommendation based on USTA guidelines)

Compete Like a Champion

USTA Player Development Podcast

The Compete Like a Champion podcast series explores the psychology of performance, advanced coaching, and sport science through the lens of professional tennis.

Drill of the Week

Drill of the Week:

Progressive Forehand Volley

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